The following is an index of clothing, listed alphabetically by category, providing detailed advice, plus sources of unusual and hard-to-find products. The sources given are mainly for pure cotton, silk and linen clothes, and clothes with low levels of chemical treatment. Wool, most synthetics, viscose and synthetic blend clothes are widely available and sources for these are not given, except for nylon clothes, since these are now hard to find.

When reading brochures from any of the suggested suppliers, check the materials of each garment carefully. Some firms selling pure untreated cotton, for instance, also sell polycotton or other materials. Read brochures carefully and check with the supplier yourself if you need to.

Baby Clothes

Here’s some advice on finding clothes, especially untreated pure cotton clothes, for babies and toddlers.

Avoid cotton winceyette if you or your baby are very sensitive. Winceyette clothes, especially sleepwear, are often treated with fabric finishes. If you buy cotton poplin or denim clothes, wash them very well before using. If you or your baby are very sensitive to resins, avoid them altogether. Look for clothes made of:

• cotton jersey

• cotton tracksuit fleece

• cotton plush velveteen jersey

• 100 per cent cotton corduroy

• brushed cotton


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