Jason learned a painful lesson about the importance of choosing the right doctor. It had taken this reserved and very private man a long time to finally decide to seek help for his persistent erection problem. He was too uncomfortable to really ask any questions when he made an appointment with a doctor he had picked out of his local telephone directory. Jason was a 48-year-old man, but he was quite nervous as he was ushered into the doctor’s office. He explained his problem with great difficulty and turned to the doctor for an answer. Suddenly the urologist took a penile prosthesis out of a drawer, slammed it down on his desk and announced triumphantly to his stunned patient, “We’ll just stick this in you!”

Not surprisingly, Jason left the office and never returned.

Fortunately, he later found help from a doctor who wanted to listen to his story, do a complete workup and then explain in detail the choices for treatment.

Jason’s experience also illustrates the importance of sensitivity. You’re going to be discussing some very intimate experiences, and if s essential that the doctor be at ease—and help you to feel the same way.

Ifs also important that the physician welcome—not just tolerate—the involvement of your wife or lover. Some doctors actively seek the participation of the partner; others just leave it up to the patient to decide whether she should be involved. Ideally, the physician should direct some of his attention to your partner and should try to make her feel comfortable and part of the process.


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