This is not just a set of silly exercises to fill in the afternoon. Muscles that are shouting for a chemical that you have stopped taking have to be re-trained.

If you tie a tight band around your arm, what happens to your hand? You will certainly get pain, swelling, loss of movement and an altogether unhealthy hand. You are effectively doing the same to your head by tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. Decreased circulation to the head causes headaches, sinus pains, jaw pain, ear problems (including tinnitus) depression, confusion and more. Is it worth working on your neck and shoulders?

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

During illness or stress the body’s need for vitamins and minerals is increased. Common deficiencies are: iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C (particularly if you smoke) and vitamin B complex. It is advisable to have advice about which supplements you need and the length of time you should take them. For instance, many people take vitamin B6 for pre-menstrual tension not realizing that if they take one of the B vitamins in isolation they deplete their store of the other B vitamins.


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