The bleeding from an injured tongue, even when it merely results from an accidental self-inflected bite, is often prolonged and alarming. Usually though, such bleeding can quickly be brought under control, without stitches or help from a doctor, if the victim firmly holds something over the site of bleeding to compress it. A wet handkerchief or face towel is commonly used for this purpose at home, while sterile gauze tends to be used in hospitals. Either type of packing material will be satisfactory if compression is sufficient and is kept up for a long enough time.

Now, however, Emergency Medicine (18#18:16) reports, quicker control over the bleeding can be achieved if one presses a wet tea bag against the wound. The tannin of the tea leaves, apparently, has a coagulating property that promotes more rapid clotting of the blood. With advantage, one can still put a handkerchief, etc., over the tea bag to make sure that sufficient pressure is brought to bear upon the bleeding laceration.


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