Old potatoes should have their sprouts carefully removed because they contain a poisonous substance called solanin. These sprouts should neither be fed to animals nor used as food or as a remedy. If you prepare juice from fresh potatoes, or from old ones after removing the sprouts very carefully, do not be afraid that the juice could harm you. On the contrary, raw potato juice is well known as a remedy and has helped to cure many a gastric problem.

Raw potato juice is especially good for inflammation of the gastric lining (gastritis). For stomach ulcers drink the juice diluted with warm water first thing in the morning, before breakfast. The juice of one small potato will do. If you find it difficult to drink potato juice because of its not too pleasant taste, add it to a warm oat gruel or soup that has already been cooked. Potato juice, Gastronol and a mild, fibre-free diet will cure the most stubborn gastric ulcers, if attention is given to proper mastication and thorough insalivation of the food one eats.

Potato juice is highly alkaline and is a very effective antidote for uric acid conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis. Just remember that care must be taken to remove any solanin-containing sprouts before preparing it.


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