The puzzling question was ‘How do this and similar rivers get their strange colour?’ The answer is quite simple: there is either red or yellow clay dissolved in the water, thus colouring the water accordingly, or they contain marshy soil and are black as a result.

I can well imagine that Sebastian Kneipp would have been overjoyed if he could have seen such coloured river water. His natural instinct and intuition would have encouraged him to immediately investigate the medical effects of these waters. In fact, some time later an analytical chemist proved to me, by means of an apparatus which measured the electric tension in the water, that water carries energy that is transmitted to the human body. We filled a bath tub and then used the apparatus to measure the electric field in it. After the bath had been used we measured this once more and found that the electric field had decreased, thus proving that the energy had been transmitted to the person in the water.


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