So what do we do? Throw up our hands and say it is designed by fate?

No. Not every man, whose father gave him a certain set of genes, will develop alcoholism and neither does every child who inherits an allergic tendency develop asthma.

Some alcoholics drink that way right from the beginning and get into trouble at an early age. Others seem to slowly develop their problem over many years.

What every problem drinker has in common is that he drinks too much. There is evidence to show that the more freely alcohol is available the more people drink. The more people drink, the greater the number who get into trouble.

It is, therefore, the opinion of experts who study alcoholism that we should be thinking of making alcohol harder to get.

This doesn’t affect the alcoholic, because he will get it just the same but, for the average person and for the potential alcoholic if it is not available, they tolerate the lack.

All the world’s experts agree that the maximum amount of alcohol which anyone can drink without detriment in a 24-hour period is less than eight to 10 standard drinks.

Moderation has a lot going for it.


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