Process oriented psychology is a wide spectrum method of perceiving, differentiating and enabling human signals, both close to and far from the personal identity of the doctor and patient, to unfold. The aim of process oriented psychology is to allow these different signals and states to unfold in an individual way which depends upon the client and the therapist, by focusing on the underlying process structures which connect them. In fact, the most able therapist appears to be one who is familiar with all parts of psychology, including dream and body work, meditation, psychosomatic medicine, medical terminology and treatments, relationship and family work, social work, etc. An empirical discovery is that present problems and issues become their own solutions, their own ‘cures,’ if you will.
Though there are many indications that psychology and psychiatry might grow together, the mental health practitioner today generally uses pieces of different psychologies, medicines and psychiatry to help her clients. These various disciplines, based upon different and sometimes contradictory philosophies, have different methods of empirical investigation and treatment, yet they deal with one and the same person. Medicine attempts to enable patients to function like the rest of their environment. However, since medicine alone may not improve the quality of an individual’s life, most therapists frequently add psychological interventions to their practice. Most psychologies today, however, are unable to deal with the gravity of psychiatric situations alone.

While such differences have the advantage of creating individual and global approaches to the human being, they could become even more valuable if the unitary background to the psychological sciences were better understood. A disadvantage to having several different paradigms of mental health is that the competition among them draws energy away from treating the client and may hinder the cooperation and team work necessary for creating a more functional approach to the individual suffering from extreme states.

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