Surely you’ve been lectured on how the eye area is the most delicate on the face and should be carefully tended to? But, if you’re like many harassed patients that I treat, an eye cream is usually the first part of the routine to go flying out the window. This is a big, big mistake.The eye area suffers from a lot of cosmetic problems. It gets wrinkled easily, might have some crepiness and a proliferation of visible blood vessels that show up as darkness under the eyes. It might also be more sensitive than the rest of the face and become easily irritated. And since it has scant oil glands, it often dries up considerably. For all of these reasons, an eye cream is an absolute essential. Even better would be one with a built-in sunscreen for an extra dose of protection. Look for formulas with the most potent moisturising and wrinkle-fighting ingredients. If you’re truly lacking the time or the inclination, then go ahead and use your moisturiser in this area. Hey, that’s what I do!*35\82\8*

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