It is an infectious disease usually appearing in children of grade school and high school age, seldom in children under five years of age. The condition is highly contagious, spreading rapidly from one person to another. The eruption appears on the chest as pale pink spots which spread rapidly and finally become bright scarlet. In this condition, the lymph glands at the back of the neck become swollen. Occasionally German measles is mistaken for scarlet fever or ordinary measles. The condition is seldom serious. Patients put to bed recover rapidly, with the fall of temperature and the disappearance of the rash.German measles has come to be considered more serious nowadays, because a connection has been developed between infection with the virus of German measles during pregnancy and serious damage to the body of the unborn child. A high incidence of disturbances of vision, hearing and of the heart has been found in babies whose mothers have had German measles during pregnancy.*30/318/5*

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