While you don’t have to go to a Third World nation to see hunger, most overweight Americans suffer from a problem with appetite, not hunger.There is a crucial difference. You will need to learn this difference and later on, your husband must learn it:Hunger is a biological state in which your body requires food to keep on going.Appetite is a psychological state in which you think that you are hungry and end up eating to satisfy your mind, not your body.Appetite can be developed over a period of time, or can be associated with specific events. Work avoidance often triggers appetite.Those so-called hunger pangs that you give in to are regular stomach contractions that occur whether you are fasting or eating. These contractions are normal and mean absolutely nothing. (My doctor promised.) You have been falsely taught that this contraction means “hunger,” so your mind allows you to eat even when your body isn’t hungry. The stomach can stretch to accommodate a large meal, yet it always returns to its regular size. The ability to stretch is instigated by the psychological response that tells you to keep putting food into your mouth.*56/243/1*

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