ANTI-ASTHMA DRUGS are given in the form of tablets, liquids, inhalers and injections. Any or all of these modes of drug administration may be needed in a particular child. Liquids are more often used in infants and children, tablets in older children, inhalers are used in all age-groups. Injections are usually used if the symptoms are severe.Inhalers are used to administer medicines either as liquid aerosols or as a dry powder. Aerosols are given in metered dose inhalers or in nebulizers. Dry powder is given in rota-halers whereby dry powdered drug goes into the lung airways directly.Metered-dose inhalers (MDI) are the most frequently used mode of drug delivery in asthma patients all over the world.Inhalation MethodMedicines given through inhalation route have become the preferred method for administering drugs for relief from asthma. Inhalation therapy has several distinct advantages over the oral route.After a drug is taken orally, it is absorbed into the bloodstream, travels to the heart, and is then pumped to all parts of the body. Relatively large amounts of a drug need to be taken orally to ensure that a small dose reaches the selected target organ such as the lung. Since theHigh local concentrationLow systemic concentrationHigher efficacyHigher safetymedicine taken orally is absorbed into the bloodstream, it also travels to other healthy body organs and may cause undesirable side effects. For example, oral ephedrine works well in the lungs, but the brain reacts to ephedrine, leading to insomnia or tremors.The shortcomings of oral drugs prompted researchers to develop methods by which drugs could be delivered directly to the targeted organ. This search led to the development of asthma aerosols, which enable the drugs to be inhaled directly into the lung, leading to a faster onset of action and minimising any side effects.Inhalation can be learned easily by any child and self-administered without the help of a doctor or even the parent. This way, the child develops confidence in managing the condition by himself.The following modes of inhalation of anti-asthma drugs are available:1. Metered-Dose Inhalers (MDI)2. Space Inhalers3. Nebulizers*70\260\8*

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