Strep throat with a rashScarlet fever is caused by a streptococcal infection, usually of the throat  and gets its name from its characteristic red rash.It is highly contagious, so all members of a household should be tested for the infection if one member is found to have it. It requires a trip to the doctor for a throat culture and to get antibiotics.
Note the symptoms A high fever is sometimes accompanied by a headache or stomachache, vomiting and/or a sore throat.The rash is red and fine, sometimes described as feeling like sandpaper. It appears 12 to 48 hours after the illness begins and within 24 hours often covers the entire body. It is most prominent on the cheeks, chest, abdomen and groin. The area around the mouth is pale. Little bumps on the tongue get progressively bigger and redder, until the tongue looks like it’s coated with strawberries. It may become swollen. Glands in the neck may also become swollen.After the rash subsides, the skin may peel for several weeks, especially on the palms of the hands.
Final notes       Antibiotics are particularly important in treating scarlet fever because they can    prevent rheumatic fever, a complication caused by the streptococcal infection which can result in heart damage.*27\303\2*

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