Since many readers of this book do not have cancer but may want to use mental imagery to help deal with pain and other ailments, here is a short mental imagery process, which can be substituted for steps 10 through 19, the cancer portion of the previous activity.1. Create a mental picture of any ailment or pain that you have now, visualizing it in a form that makes sense to you.2. Picture any treatment you are receiving and see it either eliminating the source of the ailment or pain or strengthening your body’s ability to heal itself.3. Picture your body’s natural defenses and natural processes eliminating the source of the ailment or pain.4. Imagine yourself healthy and free of the ailment or pain.5. See yourself proceeding successfully toward meeting your goals in life.6. Give yourself a mental pat on the back for participating in your recovery. See yourself doing this relaxation/mental imagery exercise three times a day, staying awake and alert as you do it.7. Let the muscles in your eyelids lighten up, become ready to open your eyes, and become aware of the room.8. Now let your eyes open and you are ready to resume your usual activities.As an example of how you can use mental imagery to deal with an illness other than cancer, if you have an ulcer, your mental picture of the ulcer might be a crater-type sore in the lining of the stomach or intestine, seeing it rough and raw. Picturing the treatment, visualize antacids coating the area, neutralizing the excess acid and having a soothing effect on the ulcer itself. Picture normal cells coming in and doubling, dividing, covering over the raw, ulcerated area. See your body’s white blood cells picking up any debris and cleaning the area, making it a pink, healthy lining. The next step is to see yourself free from pain and healthy, able to deal with the stresses of life without producing ulcer symptoms.If you have high blood pressure, you could use the imagery process to see the problem as little muscles in the walls of the blood vessels tightening down, so that it causes much higher pressure necessary for the blood to be driven through. Now, see the medication relaxing these little muscles in the blood vessels, your heart pumping evenly, with less resistance, and blood flowing smoothly through the vascular channels. See yourself as able to cope with the stresses of life without producing symptoms of tension.If your illness is arthritis, first picture your joints very irritated and having little granules on the surfaces. Then see your white blood cells coming in, cleaning up the debris, picking up the little granules, and smoothing over the joint surfaces. Then see yourself active, doing what you like to do, free of joint pain.When you complete one of these mental imagery processes for the first time, draw a picture of your imagery. It will help you identify your attitudes toward participating in your health.*43\347\2*

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